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Tarpaulin Price List:

Tarpaulin Material & Printing Type Thickness(GSM) Cash Member(RM) RM500 & RM5,000 Member(RM) Up to 33% Discount
Solvent 720dpi (Printable Width 123in, Max Material Width 126in)
Tarpaulin 280gsm 0.65 0.43
Tarpaulin 320gsm 0.85 0.55
Tarpaulin 380gsm 1.00 0.61
Tarpaulin 440gsm 1.10 0.72
Black Blockout 380gsm 1.65 1.10
Mesh Vinyl 380gsm 2.65 1.85
Eco-Solvent 1440dpi (Printable Width 63in, Max Material Width 64in)
Tarpaulin 380gsm 1.65 1.10
UV 720dpi (Printable Width 123in, Max Material Width 126in)
Tarpaulin 320gsm 1.50 1.00
Tarpaulin 380gsm 1.65 1.10
Tarpaulin 440gsm 2.10 1.40
Black Blockout 380gsm 3.00 2.00
Mesh Vinyl 380gsm 3.60 2.40
* Waste material will be charged accordingly
* Minimum order is 16 Sq.Ft.

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Inkjet Printing

Eco Solvent 1200dpi(Printable Width 63in), Solvent 720dpi(Printable Width 123in), UV 720dpi(Printable Width 123in)


Tarpaulin 280gsm, Tarpaulin 320gsm, Tarpaulin 380gsm, Tarpaulin 440gsm, Black Blockout Tarpaulin 380gsm, Mesh Vinyl 380gsm


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